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Your first trial driving lesson? 5 tips before you get in

How nice that you are coming to drive at Caland Driving School! You have been scheduled for your first trial lesson or have just submitted a request to our Helpdesk. 

Your first trial driving lesson is an exciting event. You are finally one step closer to your driver's license! But what can you expect from your first lesson? And how can you prepare well? 

Below are 5 useful tips to help you prepare well. This way you can relax in our training car and make optimal use of the time with your instructor.

Tip 1 Take these tips seriously. Real.

You will be moving a lot during your trial lesson, so make sure you wear comfortable clothes. Avoid clothing that is tight or that restricts your movement. Also bring a bottle of water so that you stay well hydrated throughout the trial lesson. Please leave your mobile phone in your bag or jacket. And put it on silent before you get into the training car. During the next lesson you will only focus on one thing and that is the steering wheel in your hands. 

Tip 2 Know what to expect.

Be on time. It is important to arrive on time for your trial lesson. This shows that you are serious and that you respect the instructor. Time management and a sense of timing is an important skill in traffic. Make sure you also have your ID with you. If our instructor or the traffic situation requires it, it is important to be able to identify yourself. 

Tip 3 Practice online.

There is a lot of information online about driving lessons for beginners. View the sources that suit you and take some online tests in advance. Haven't taken a theory exam yet? Then it is extra important to take a practice exam online. If you do not understand something during your trial lesson, do not hesitate to ask the instructor for an explanation. It is important that you understand everything well, so that you can drive safely and responsibly.

Tip 4 A good night's sleep and a relaxed attitude.

The first trial lesson requires quite a lot of energy. Your attention is needed in a new way, because everything is happening around you. At the same time, you will receive instructions from your personal instructor, which must be applied immediately. No wonder that new students often get out of the car with the feeling as if they have just come off a rollercoaster! 

Give yourself a head start and go to bed on time. Starting well rested helps you with a relaxed attitude in the training car. 

Tip 5 Don't try to beat the traffic

And above all, we would like to recommend the following: Be patient with yourself. You've only just started driving, so it's okay if you can't do everything perfectly yet. There is no need for haste. In fact, a good driver knows that every situation requires an appropriate pace. 

Enjoy it. Your first driving lesson is of course also a milestone. Try to enjoy it and learn as much as possible. Good luck with your first driving lesson!

Knowing more? You can read everything here extensive trial lesson conditions and other information in our FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions & Answers.


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