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My favorite quote / quote / life motto 💭

Always go forward!!!

My hero / idol / role model, and why? 😎

Myself!!! 😎

Best song for on the road 🎧

Azer Bülbül —– Dardayım ey

Favorite route/road in Amsterdam and why? ❌❌❌

Exam routes. Very educational for both the student and the instructor.

My motivation to become a driving instructor? 😃

I always enjoyed driving a car and motorcycle. Passing this on to others is great fun.

The best feedback a student ever gave me? ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

That I teach with passion.

The craziest reason why a student has ever failed? 😭

Failed exam due to a flat tire…

What makes Caland Driving School the best? 🅿️

Super nice colleagues who I am very happy and proud of. I feel at home at Caland Driving School.

What do I do in a traffic jam? 💭

Listen to music.

How do I drink my coffee? ☕️

Black. Preferably at the table with a nice chat.

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