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Driving school Amsterdam

Our story

In 2003 we, Irem and Zafer, opened our driving school from home in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. With a clear vision of quality, service and trust, the driving school quickly grew to become a household name in the region.

From two to ten instructors

In the early years, we ourselves were the only instructors. Soon our team was joined by two other instructors. As the school continued to grow, our team expanded to ten instructors. More than 20,000 students have now obtained their driver’s licenses from Caland Driving School.

Bilingual and hospitable

Rijschool Caland is fully bilingual, Dutch and English. This makes it possible to guide students from all cultures and backgrounds on their way to obtaining a driver’s license. The driving school is located in a welcoming location in the heart of Amsterdam Nieuw-West, near the CBR examination area.

Three courses

Driving school Caland offers three courses: car (shift and automatic), motorcycle and moped. Theory training and lesson materials can be flexibly rebooked in the web shop. The heart of our team is the front desk, where everything comes together. Coffee? Come by yourself soon ☕️

About us

Core values

Quality, service and trust are the core values of Caland Driving School. The driving school is committed to providing high-quality driving education, with personal attention to each student. The goal is to get our students on the road to their driver’s licenses as safely and quickly as possible.

Our process

New slogan

With the new slogan #wetakeyouthere, Caland Driving School emphasizes our commitment to helping students get their driver’s license. Whatever your path to your driver’s license, our team will make sure you get that pink badge as safely and quickly as possible.

Why Driving School Caland


Driving School Caland looks forward to the future with confidence. The school continues to develop and innovate to provide our students with the best driving education possible.

Our team

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